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Start learning AI and become an AI Consultant at ITU.

For a long time, Artificial Intelligence has lived on the bottom of a lake of opportunities. Recent years turned the lake into an ocean and the under water current brought AI back to the surface. Nothing else is growing so quickly with the demand for new skills and talents. Hundreds of startups are raising billions of dollars to employ AI in every area of business and consumer life.

Internet is your campus, a computer is your office and an expert-developer is your guide.
Your guide will make sure that your individual trail and pace are optimized for your schedule and skills. An IT professional or a beginner, join us to master the art of developing Artificial Intelligence applications with Java and Python, perform real-life projects, become a well-paid consultant or a start-up entrepreneur.

ITU actively participates and contributes to the growing AI industry with patents, publications, corporate training and consulting.

Welcome to Internet Technology University - Since 1997 Java School offers training and consulting in the latest trends of software development.

At our consulting branch, Internet Technology Systems (ITS), we solve challenging technical tasks - the most interesting solutions have been patented and published - we share ideas and best practices in books, articles, and at International Conferences

At we describe the way to change the current formula of education. Most of the schools and training courses cannot work around individual differences. They look for main-stream students aligned with the pace and style of the course, which is usually about 30% of the group.

We offer individual guidance to each student to begin and advance a career of an AI developer, helping to become a capable and confident professional.

ITU is registered as one of the best Employment Training programs in Java, Mobile, and Artificial Intelligence applications. This is not only cool stuff to learn, but very attractive for potential employers looking for these hard-to-find-skills. Privileged access for military and veterans. Read more...

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Program A

Java-Based Web Application Development

The program starts with the fundamentals of Software Engineering, including:

- Critical Thinking and Software Evolution - Check it out

- Thinking and Programming in Java

- Processing Data with Hibernate and Data Services Frameworks

- Full Stack Web Development including front-end(JS/Angular/more) and focusing on server-side with fundamentals of Software Architecture.

Program B (Requires completion of Program A)

B.1 - Mobile Applications and Cloud Technologies

Learn about creating applications on iOS and Android OS. You will also work with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

B.2 - Big Data and Business Intelligence

Learn "Big Data" concepts and development tools.

B.3 - Artificial Intelligence: Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Technologies

Start down the path to applying what you have learned so far and add some "Intelligence" components. Learn how to use Semantic Tools and Conversational Semantic Decision Support(CSDS) system.

B.4 - SOA, Microservices, MULE Soft and Semantic Integration

You can also check out the full descriptions of all the courses here.

Articles, Tutorials...
Farzana Laquana Marx

These are a few good words about us. Check here for more!


1. - the book online on Cognitive Computing and Semantic Cloud Architecture, Yefim (Jeff) Zhuk

2. Integration-Ready Architecture and Design, by Cambridge University Press, Yefim (Jeff) Zhuk, the book on Software and Knowledge Engineering

3. SOA, Microservices and Software Semantic Evolution, the Dataversity Magazine

4. - Internet Technology University

5. - The message from 2040



- Knowledge-Driven Architecture | US Patent | Yefim Zhuk | Driving applications with business scenarios

- Adaptive Mobile Robot System | US Patent | Yefim Zhuk | Integrating software and knowledge engineering with robotic technologies

- Collaborative security and decision making | US and 15 European countries, Patent| Yefim Zhuk/Boeing | Turning a beautiful idea of collaborative decision into a system

- Rules Collector System and Method | US Patent | Yefim Zhuk/Boeing | Formalizing expert knowledge into rules, which can be used for solving the next problem in the expert-computer brainstorming

- Distributed Active Knowledge and Process | US Patent | Jeff (Yefim) Zhuk/Yahoo | Collaborative access and negotiation for data and services

- Design Factory | Patent Pending

Internet Technology University (ITU) focuses on Accelerating Sharing Knowledge with Conversational Semantic Decision Support (AskCSDS AI) systems.
ITU uses AI components to engage students in group discussions and teaching.
To help teachers and subject matter experts share knowledge in a highly structured and productive manner.
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Start learning AI and become an AI Consultant at ITU.
1995-present by ITS/ITU, Inc, all rights reserved. US Patents:
Distributed Active Knowledge, Knowledge-Driven Architecture, Adaptive Robot Systems, Rules Collector, Collaborative Security and Decisions